Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dec 19, 2010- Letter from Jeremy of Tulsa, OK - Valued New Customer

Got an email today from:
Jeremy Ferguson of Tulsa Oklahoma today.

Jeremy asks:Do you know if any of your products are safe for people with Psoriasis?

My reply to Jeremy:

Well- as a matter of fact- I started this whole business b/c Kaleb and Aaron's dad- Lee had Psoriasis - it didn't "cure" it- but it did ease the discomfort and a lot of the redness and dryness. It also helped the boys acne tremendously as well. The pure whole fresh Goat's Milk in it is full of amino acids and vitamins that our skin craves from our diet and doesn't get enough of.

Lee could shave with it= and it was in his beard that he fought the psoriasis the hardest - he shaved with it for 8 years very happily b/c before that - he couldn't shave every day without his face hurting and being red and inflamed in patches.

I can't advertise that it "heals" - b/c of FDA and other regulatory laws. I would have to go through rigorous testing and so forth - but I will tell that it is more pH balanced and so much gentler than commercial products on the market.

Thanks Jeremy for your question! I'm proud to say- that because of Jeremy's letter - I was inspired to start a "Mailbox" blog with Q&A from our wonderful customers!
Rock on, Jeremy!

Please keep the questions coming! I love talking about it!